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Isn’t it ironic that those in our country who experience homelessness are often referred to as invisible people? But, how can more than one-quarter million men, women, and children go unseen? Especially here in California, where more people are homeless than in any other state in the union?

On a given night, that’s 151,278 of our neighbors here in California. Some 5,700 of them live in Orange County, where Jamboree is based. About one-fourth of those in Orange County experiencing homelessness live with a mental illness. The Golden State tops the list nationwide with the highest number of children, veterans, families, and those living with a disability that experience homelessness. More than statistics, each of these numbers tells a story.

But Jamboree is working to help shape a different story. In 2008, we partnered with HOMES, Inc. – a leading nonprofit provider of housing and support for people with psychiatric disabilities for more than 25 years – to develop the wildly successful Diamond Apartment Homes in Anaheim.

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In 2010, HOMES, Inc. merged with Jamboree to create a true hybrid of Permanent Supportive Housing. This merger has become vitally important to advancing Orange County's quest to end chronic homelessness with the necessary funding and development expertise.

Today, Jamboree is the largest developer of Permanent Supportive Housing in Orange County, with a growing and innovative network of community partnerships statewide that includes full-service providers and other community alliances.

See how 18+ licensed, credentialed, and experienced Jamboree staff – and a growing network of service partners – serve more than 555 households to deliver onsite case management or oversight for 700+ residents. Download an overview of Jamboree supportive services to learn more about how and why they work.

Together, we are intent on ending homelessness in California by reducing the barriers to get these people in housing. We want to keep our state at the top of the list nationwide for the greatest decline in the number of those homeless. Since 2007, nearly one in five Californians who were homeless no longer are.

What does Permanent Supportive Housing success look like?

We’re proud that more than 700 of our residents are no longer homeless. Despite a mental health diagnosis, they are stable and thriving. Our award-winning approach includes several models of Permanent Supportive Housing, including single-family shared homes as well as both dedicated and integrated multifamily properties. Download an overview of Jamboree Permanent Supportive Housing.

Each of these communities provides permanent affordable housing where residents typically pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent. The supportive services focus on keeping the residents housed. Services are voluntary and are focused on a “harm reduction” philosophy. The result? High retention rates of residency and reduced psychiatric hospitalizations, incarcerations, and medical hospitalizations. We believe it’s integral to rapid re-housing and How Orange County Plans to End Homelessness.

Discover the resiliency of our residents and the way they inspire each other to maintain housing stability, improve health, increase financial stability and educational pursuits, and enhance work skills.

See how more Permanent Supportive Housing can save taxpayers millions of dollars in places like Orange County with a study on the Cost of Homelessness. Jamboree partnered with the University of California Irvine, United Way Orange County, Association of California Cities-OC, 2-1-1 Orange County, and the Hospital Association of Southern California in this first-ever, county-wide study. Released in September 2017, see the true Cost of Homelessness in this descriptive infographic, check out the study’s final Executive Summary or read the full 71-page report.

Jamboree’s featured Permanent Supportive Housing services model includes:

Rockwood Apartments
Anaheim, CA

  • 15 apartments designated for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) clients who live with mental health diagnosis
  • Housing 48 formerly homeless students and their families in strategic partnership with Anaheim school district
  • Weekly academic enrichment and adult education services, bi-monthly wellness workshops

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Anaheim, CA

  • One- and two-bedroom designs allow families to reunite and remain together
  • Extensive collaborative partnerships for multiple, diverse and new funding sources
  • Consistently boasts 60% resident retention rate

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Jamboree shared housing residents celebrate graduation success.

Shared Homes
Orange County, CA

  • Proven track record of Permanent Supportive Housing success since 1992
  • Six homes throughout Orange County for adults, seniors, emancipated youth, formerly homeless
  • Multiple stories of life-change through stable housing and supportive living environment

Permanent Supportive Housing Collaborative
Orange County, CA

  • Highly competitive national HUD grant for $2.5 million awarded to six local nonprofits
  • Matched 100 formerly homeless with housing through OC’s new Coordinated Entry Program
  • Accomplished in eight months and led to an additional $1.5 million HUD grant

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Curious about what’s needed to make a Permanent Supportive Housing development a reality in your city or neighborhood? We’d like to connect with you. Contact Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree’s Business Development Director, to get the conversation started.

If you’re looking for apartments available for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) clients with a mental health diagnosis, find answers quickly on our FAQ about Applying for Permanent Supportive Housing. If you need housing right now, call 211 for emergency shelters.

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