Permanent Supportive Housing Services For Residents

Housing first, long-term solutions to ending homelessness

A significant number of people who experience homelessness also struggle with mental health conditions. Many of these are veterans. That’s why Jamboree is thrilled to have opened Heroes Landing (previously called Santa Ana Veterans Village), the largest veterans housing community in Orange County, with nine funding partners, including 75 Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) project-based vouchers.

As Orange County’s largest developer of Permanent Supportive Housing, we understand that supportive services are the key to success for those who experience homelessness due to mental health issues. We’re committed to being a leader in helping California turn the tide on homelessness. That’s why our strategy is housing first.

Evidence points to the role housing plays as an essential platform for human and community development. Stable housing is the foundation on which stable lives are built. It is next to impossible to achieve good health, positive educational outcomes and economic stability without housing. Download an overview of Jamboree Permanent Supportive Housing and services.

By definition, Permanent Supportive Housing is quality housing with quality services. It is a national best practice. It demonstrates that permanent housing and access to supportive services allows chronically homeless people to rebuild their lives while providing significant cost savings to communities. In fact, Permanent Supportive Housing can provide a cost saving of $42 million annually as found in a first of its kind, OC county-wide study. Jamboree partnered with the University of California Irvine, United Way Orange County, Association of California Cities-OC, 2-1-1 Orange County, and the Hospital Association of Southern California to determine the real costs of homelessness to the community. See more in this descriptive infographic, in the study’s Executive Summary or in the full 71-page report released in September 2017.  

To learn more, click on Jamboree’s approach to Permanent Supportive Housing, the solutions we’ve implemented and its measurable success:

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