Our Mission

An evolving mission, expanding vision and unchanging values

Jamboree Highgrove Blossom Affordable Community Family

Jamboree delivers high-quality affordable housing and services that transform lives and strengthen communities.

  • Deliver quality housing and services
    With housing as the platform, we believe in the power of community to bring hope home to those starting out or starting over – working families, seniors, veterans, formerly homeless, and those with special needs. We build award-winning housing with LEED-certified quality they can afford, and provide supportive programs and services that instill both personal accomplishment and community pride.
  • Leverage resources
    A $1+ billion asset portfolio combined with strategic funding sources provides solid financing, while public/private partnerships with master developers, design and construction professionals, and a multidisciplinary staff are key to successful property development. Innovative alliances with school districts, government entities, healthcare organizations, community groups, philanthropy, and other nonprofits integrate successful neighborhoods throughout California.
  • Transform lives
    Some 18,750+ residents call a Jamboree property home, including active seniors aging in place, veterans, and those living with a mental illness who are no longer homeless. Live/work strategies make shorter commutes and more time for family, exercise, or socializing, and after-school programs promote higher literacy and graduation rates -- with proven results.
  • Strengthen Communities
    Smart growth designs near major retail, parks, community services, schools, and robust employment centers contribute to the economic vitality of 75 communities from Sacramento to San Diego. Our long-term commitment to property ownership and asset management of 55 years reduces blight, crime and poverty. Our strategy for community impact drives us to be our very best as assets of change and agents for good.