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Jamboree: Building a Foundation for Veterans

Jamboree proudly stands at the forefront of developing permanent supportive housing for our nation's heroes. At Jamboree, we understand that veterans face unique challenges upon returning to civilian life, including the critical need for stable, affordable housing. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating spaces that not only offer shelter but also a community that supports the holistic well-being of our veterans.

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As the veteran population seeks to reintegrate into society, the demand for specialized housing solutions has never been greater. Veterans, who have served our country with valor, often come home to face new battles, including homelessness, limited access to quality healthcare, and the struggle to adapt to civilian life. Recognizing these challenges, Jamboree's Heroes Landing serves as a model of excellence in veteran housing.

Designed for Veterans, By Veterans

Jamboree's veteran housing initiatives are built on the foundation of understanding and meeting the distinct needs of veterans. Our properties are more than housing complexes; they are environments meticulously designed with the well-being of veterans in mind.

Accessibility and Comfort: Each unit is designed to be a haven of comfort and sustainability, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), featuring spacious layouts, private outdoor spaces, and equipped with ENERGY STAR appliances to ensure a high quality of living.

Community and Support: Central to our properties is a robust community center, serving as a hub for a variety of veteran services. This collaborative space unites leading service agencies to provide comprehensive support, including mental health counseling, wellness services, employment assistance, and legal aid.

A Green Sanctuary: Our commitment to the environment and our residents' health is reflected in the sustainable design of our properties, which aim for high LEED certification levels. This includes the use of energy-efficient appliances, solar energy for common areas, and beautifully landscaped green spaces for relaxation and community activities.

Strategic Locations: Positioned within dynamic neighborhoods, our veteran properties ensure residents have convenient access to public transportation, retail, dining, and essential services, promoting a lifestyle of independence and community integration.

These guiding principles ensure that Jamboree's veteran housing communities provide not just a place to live, but a supportive and enriching environment where veterans can thrive.

Location and Proximity: Situated within Santa Ana’s vibrant Harbor Mixed Use Transit Corridor, residents have easy access to retail stores, restaurants, and essential services, fostering independence and community engagement.

Jamboree’s Role: A Commitment to Veterans

Jamboree’s involvement goes beyond the bricks and mortar of building homes. We are deeply committed to the long-term success of our veteran residents, overseeing every aspect of Heroes Landing from design and construction to service coordination and property management. Our holistic approach ensures that veterans receive the support they need to navigate the challenges of reintegration, achieve personal growth, and live dignified, fulfilling lives.

At Jamboree, we believe in the power of community to transform lives. Heroes Landing is more than a housing development; it's a statement of our commitment to those who have served. Partner with us as we continue to build and manage housing solutions that honor the sacrifice of our veterans, providing them with the stability, support, and respect they deserve.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our nation's heroes.

Heroes Landing
Santa Ana, CA

  • Heroes Landing provides 75 fully furnished, affordable apartments for homeless veterans, supported by VASH vouchers and tailored to meet their unique needs.
  • The community offers comprehensive onsite services, including mental health counseling, wellness programs, and employment assistance, through partnerships with the VA and veteran service organizations.
  • Designed for sustainability and accessibility, Heroes Landing achieves a LEED for Homes Gold rating and features ADA-compliant units with energy-efficient appliances and solar-powered common areas.
  • Located in Santa Ana within a vibrant neighborhood, Heroes Landing ensures easy access to transit, retail, parks, and healthcare, fostering community engagement and enhancing veterans' quality of life.

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Estrella Springs
Santa Ana, CA

  • Jamboree partners with Santa Ana to transform the Budget Inn Motel into Estrella Springs, providing 89 studio apartments for homeless veterans and those with mental health issues, utilizing Jamboree's expertise in building conversions to increase housing options.
  • Near Heroes Landing, Estrella Springs will feature amenities including a community building, fitness areas, a basketball half-court, and more, fostering a supportive community for veterans.
  • Marking Jamboree's third motel conversion, Estrella Springs is a key step in combating homelessness, supporting Santa Ana's goal of transforming the area into a vibrant cultural and community focal point.
  • Estrella Springs offers stable, long-term housing for eligible veterans, with permanent support and onsite services, distinguishing it from temporary shelters and contributing to neighborhood improvement.

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Motel Conversion into Permanent Supportive Housing for Veterans in Anaheim, CA

Buena Esperanza
Anaheim, CA

  • Buena Esperanza in Anaheim transforms a former motel into 70 units, of which 20 are dedicated veteran units for supportive housing, showcasing Jamboree's efforts in veteran homelessness.
  • As Anaheim's first motel conversion under a new ordinance, this development by Jamboree serves as a model for permanent housing solutions for veterans and the individuals exiting homelessness.
  • The property offers community spaces, outdoor courtyards, and Spanish-style designs, providing a supportive environment for veterans to connect and stabilize.
  • Funded by innovative partnerships, including Providence St. Joseph Health & Disney Land Resort, Buena Esperanza highlights a collaborative, cost-effective approach to veteran housing.

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