Homelessness in Orange County Study

2017 Report: The Costs to Our Community

Jamboree UCI United Way Cost of Homelessness Study in Orange County Findings infographic
The growing housing crisis and numbers of homeless people make headlines almost daily in California. The ever-climbing costs of rent are only exceeded by the skyrocketing costs of care for the homeless. Begging the question, what is the answer to the issue of homelessness in Orange County, CA? And, how can the problem of homelessness in the OC be solved?

To find answers and much-needed solutions, we need to know more about:
  • What causes homelessness?
  • Who are the homeless?
  • What does this cost Orange County?

What are the true costs of homelessness to our cities?

To find out, Jamboree partnered with United Way Orange County to fund a new study conducted by the University of California, Irvine. This study identified who OC’s homeless are and the costs of homelessness for our cities.

Who are Orange County's homeless?

  • The vast majority of Orange County’s homeless are U.S. citizens and long-term OC residents. In fact, most have lived here more than 10 years.
  • The primary cause of being homeless is finding and keeping a steady job with a sustainable wage – not alcohol and/or drugs, mental health or release from jail or prison.
Want to download the full infographic?

See what the top contributing factors to homelessness are in this report, "Homelessness in Orange County: The Costs To Our Community" infographic.

How much is homelessness costing OC – and how to save taxpayers’ money?

  • Cities, counties, hospitals, and non-government agencies spend nearly $300 million every year to address the issue of homelessness. This money provides an immediate response, but not a permanent solution.
  • There is one specific type of housing that permanently ends the cycle of homelessness.

Learn more about OC’s homeless and how much homelessness is really costing Orange County in the findings of the first-ever Cost Study of Homelessness in OC: Executive Summary or Full 71-page report

How is the way we address homelessness changing?

Get a quick overview of the types of homelessness, the housing options, and the evolving approach to housing the homeless in recent decades vs. today’s Housing First model. Download the Homelessness: A Snapshot of Housing Options & Approaches.

Want to learn more?

Jamboree builds housing with services for the homeless that is helping to end homelessness permanently. We aren't a placement service for those experiencing homelessness. If you're looking for housing at a Jamboree property, see our FAQs.

Together, we can end homelessness:
  • Help us change the conversation about homelessness in Orange County. Sign the United to End Homelessness proclamation.
  • Use the hashtag #EndHomelessnessOC online whenever you join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • If you’re a citizen ready for change who wants to help make a difference in your community, find out how to suggest solutions that work.
  • If you’re ready to join the conversation as an elected official, city staff, a leader of a faith-based organization, community organization, or other nonprofit, find out how to create more solutions.


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