Transform Unused Excess Land Into Affordable Housing

Partner with experienced developer to build win for cities and community groups

Open land zoned for housing is not an easy thing to come by in California – even amidst an ongoing housing crisis. Given competing interests, any measure of open land is quickly fought over by various parties debating its plotted usage and potential development. It can all too quickly devolve into an endless standoff or a heated dispute between city representatives and members of the community.

A rather notable change to open land regulation has shifted things in California, however – excess land in particular. Excess land refers to land owned by a government agency that is no longer used for the agency’s respective operations. Although Jamboree has utilized excess land to develop affordable housing for years, recent state legislation has prioritized the development of affordable housing on these sites – and Jamboree has the knowledge, experience, and resources to partner with cities to execute these projects with the support of the community.

How does the Surplus Land Act impact cities?

In 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom strengthened California’s Surplus Land Act with AB-1486, a law that essentially created stronger reporting requirements in regard to excess land and implemented a minimum number of affordable housing units to be met. This inherently increased the competitiveness of projects built upon public land.

The Surplus Land Act’s AB-1486 introduced these rules for California:

  • Cities must notify qualified housing developers of available public land.
  • Municipalities must negotiate exclusively with the entity proposing the most affordable housing units.
  • Any time excess land is used for housing of any kind, at least 15% must be set aside for affordable housing.

While land development has the potential to be a costly mistake in this new era, in fiscal terms as well as public opinion, Jamboree’s expertise in navigating the Surplus Land Act’s affordable housing requirements delivers a win-win for both cities and communities.

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Who has experience to develop excess land/surplus land in California?

Affordable housing federal and state funding for local California communitiesJamboree is one of California’s largest nonprofit affordable housing developers as well as a leading advocate for affordable housing as the primary use of excess land sites. Time and time again, Jamboree has proven the success of a winning model, developing numerous housing communities on excess land. In fact, some of these projects have come with additional contributions from local agencies and some have been completed with state and federal resources.

As a committed nonprofit with land contracts set up for decades to come, Jamboree is in this for the long haul. We believe in our history and future of good community partnership – and know how to bring funding to local communities through strong public/private partnerships. Our dedicated organization advises city officials according to community needs, transforming excess land into affordable housing projects throughout California.

Jamboree’s experts are able to inform, educate, inspire, and advocate a positive perception of affordable housing. Their know-how is based on proven solutions, thanks to insightful interviews with active citizens, community organizers, social service providers, school district reps, property managers, and law enforcement personnel. In the end, Jamboree works with city officials and community groups to enrich lives as well as neighborhoods.


How can Jamboree ensure that cities have the support of the community?

Jamboree helps cities secure the support of local residents by engaging and assessing the community while providing in-depth neighborhood input and valuable data analysis. By addressing community needs and incorporating them into affordable housing developments, Jamboree is able to garner a community’s vibrant and vocal support early on in the process.

To establish a prosperous relationship with the community, Jamboree creates a foundation for dialogue, dispels myths and dissolves barriers, and responds to questions and concerns. Our nonprofit has successfully built affordable housing developments by providing cities with everything they need to ensure a long-term community asset that resolutely adheres to legislation. With on-the-ground outreach, specialized legal expertise, and a passion for affordable housing, Jamboree is able to address potential concerns sooner rather than later, ultimately delivering a celebrated cornerstone of a proud community.

Do you represent a city in California? Are you interested in developing affordable housing on excess land? Contact Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree's Senior Director of Business Development, at 949-214-2345 or

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How can Jamboree ensure that community groups are a part of city development?

With each affordable housing development, Jamboree is steadfastly committed to involving the community in project planning, evaluation, delivery, and management. As a leading nonprofit affordable housing developer, Jamboree relies on community outreach to bring about community impact. Jamboree's goal is to advance each community's well-being through a communal sense of security, strengthened social bonds, improved educational outcomes, and access to parks and recreational facilities as well as physical and mental health services.

Development happens quickly and it can sometimes prove challenging to engage city officials as an outside group. Jamboree is able to work alongside cities as they develop excess land for affordable housing and ensure that community groups are part of the plan. We recognize a simple truth: that the most successful developers are the ones that listen to the community from the start and commit to ongoing communication well after the construction site has been cleared away.

Do you represent a community group in California? Are you interested in seeing excess land developed for affordable housing? Contact Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree's Senior Director of Business Development, at 949-214-2345 or

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See how Jamboree has transformed excess land in California!

Jamboree’s affordable housing developments on excess land include:


  • Built upon an extremely constrained site amid fierce community backlash at the outset, Diamond became the first permanent supportive housing development funded by California's Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).
  • More than a decade later, it’s celebrated by locals as a key component of a thriving community.

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Finamore Place

  • Jamboree will complete Finamore Place, a property that had originally been awarded to another developer 15 years ago, in two years – from city council approval and funding complexities to design and construction.
  • With a focus on community health and educational outcomes, the development's benefits range from public art and community gardens to onsite services for residents and the neighborhood.

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  • Constructed on an irregularly shaped, narrow triangle remnant parcel of land bordered by the freeway, Greenleaf successfully executed sound mitigation and a creative use of space.
  • A series of community outreach meetings held in conjunction with the city led to a compact design that blends seamlessly with the unique architectural fabric of the neighborhood.

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Monarch Pointe

  • A garden-style development built as part of a neighborhood revitalization effort, Monarch Pointe won an Anaheim Beautiful residential property award for its architectural design, lush landscaping, and open-space park setting.
  • In partnership with the city, Jamboree secured highly sought-after funding to build more quality housing for working families in Anaheim.

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Take the first step toward a win-win!

Ready to develop excess land for affordable housing with community support? Start by reviewing options with someone who knows the ins and outs of California’s surplus land legislation. 

Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree’s Senior Director of Business Development, is specifically dedicated to this area of expertise and can handle any inquiries with discretion. He’s here to answer your questions and help you fully understand the process. Contact Roger at 949-214-2345 or

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