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Inclusionary housing ordinances work through the local land use approvals process to either offer incentives or require developers to make part of market-rate housing affordable to lower-income households. More than 170 communities (cities and counties) in California have inclusionary housing laws.

But the programs for inclusive housing and the policies for inclusionary development vary from city to city – in Los Angeles and Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Santa Clara County, Sacramento and Yolo County.

So, how can municipalities and market-rate developers keep track of the changing legislative landscape? And, how might you find the right balance between addressing housing needs for your city or county and keep affordability requirements feasible in your region?

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Find out who is building this inclusive housing with ordinances, policies, financing and programs that win the support of the community – even those with an active and vocal citizenry – and the cooperation of market-rate developers such as Shea Homes, CalAtlantic Homes, The Irvine Company, Chevron Land & Development, City Ventures, and Grapevine Advisors LLC.

Learn from the experience of other cities about the inclusionary housing ordinances, zoning, funding mechanisms and policies they implement to create more inclusive neighborhoods. 

Get an inside look at successful inclusionary housing projects that are already built. Schedule an inclusionary housing property tour with an expert from the housing development team at Jamboree Housing Corporation.

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