REACH: Summer Learning Goes Green

Jamboree resident kids REACH Green summer learning program

This summer, more than 250 students explored Going Green in Jamboree’s 10-week custom Summer Learning Program with activities that focused on the environment, climate, and sustainability. The goal of our annual program is to engage and connect students on summer break, encouraging them to imagine new ways of influencing the world around them.

Our unique approach to resident services is called REACH – an acrostic that outlines five key values for customized services that enrich the lives of residents – kids, families, and seniors. REACH encourages the success of kids and students at our properties and ensures that they thrive, both academically at school and practically for work and life.

Active and engaged learning

The A value in our REACH Kids approach is for Active and engaged learning, with a goal to intentionally develop activities that provide students with hands-on learning. This summer, community centers at our properties were transformed into a green learning hub designed to inspire students and ignite curiosity.

In partnership with the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), 35 students participated in a Climate Savvy study hosted by Materials Lab graduate students in a six-week Zoom program. Jamboree students learned about weather and climate, the atmosphere, water, plants, energy and adapting to new strategies with a goal to become a climate citizen. They were also excited about the opportunity to meet and spend time with UCSB students in the field and ask questions, exploring various topics through activities and discussions.

Additionally, an online Summer Reading Program helped kids improve and build confidence in their reading skills, with prizes earned for reaching reading milestones. The goal was to promote reading as a lifelong learning skill. Other activities included arts and crafts like creating flowers from plastic water bottles, and Going Green Bingo, where students checked off boxes for green activities like walking, recycling, and turning off water.

Help students REACH their potential

  • Give: Help purchase activity materials so kids at our properties can continue to connect and learn with other students in our online and onsite after-school programs. You, your business, or group of friends can provide opportunities that encourage their future success by giving today.
  • Donate: If you have a local retail business near a Jamboree property, consider donating gift cards, items, and services, and more as prizes to help us support our kids and their academic achievement in this school year. For more information, contact Jimena Galvan, Jamboree’s Senior Manager of Community Impact.
  • Underwrite: If you’re a local business or corporate partner, a donation of $250 helps underwrite learning experiences to inspire more kids at more Jamboree properties.
  • Every dollar counts: As an individual, donations of any amount adds up to better education. Help provide books, supplies, and other materials for kids and teens. You can even set up a monthly recurring donation.

Jamboree residents kids green learning hubs with summer learning program
Jamboree resident students learn with microscopes part of green summer learning program
Jamboree residents kids summer learning program projects plastic bottle flowers
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