Marcy Finamore In Memoriam

Celebrating a Life of Service

Marcy Finamore, Jamboree staff and partners at Park Landing groundbreaking in Buena Park

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our valued Jamboree colleague and family member, Marcy Finamore. Marcy joined Jamboree in a part-time position as the Director of Finance with a staff of one and rose to become Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with a staff team of more than 95. Marcy was a good friend and mentor to a number of our staff as well as many others who had the pleasure to know her. We grieve the loss of this amazing woman and invite you to leave your own tribute in the comments below.

During her 19 years at Jamboree, Marcy was instrumental in our growth, and oversaw the annual operating budget as it grew from $830,000 to $12 million. Her remarkable financial ability included the creation of sophisticated financial systems for the management of Jamboree’s $3.2+ billion portfolio of more than 96 communities.

Making a difference

Marcy’s respect, professionalism, and balanced focus made her a strong leader, and her management skills were second only to her financial expertise. Despite the complexities of her job, she always focused on Jamboree’s mission to provide high-quality housing and services to the community. She said, “Some of my best memories with Jamboree include property grand openings and community heart warmings (resident welcome gatherings) where we have a chance to see what we built, how it affects our residents’ lives and how much resident services enrich their quality of life. We’re making a positive difference in the world, even if our contribution to that impact is here in the office, doing behind-the-scenes work.”

Family first

Despite her considerable financial abilities, whenever asked about her passion, Marcy’s answer was always “family.” She once wrote, “I’ve been blessed with a big, loving, supportive family and it’s my greatest pleasure to spend time with them! I’m the eldest of five siblings and my daughter is one of my mom’s 15 grandchildren who range from age five to 35.”

One of Marcy’s favorite places to spend time with her family was in the mountains of Big Bear, where her family has gone for so many years it felt like a second home. She loved to walk, explore, and enjoy the fresh air. Marcy also regularly attended church and was part of a women’s group there.

A heart to serve

Marcy’s passion for family extended to those she didn’t even know. Every summer she volunteered a week at Royal Family Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to interrupting the neglect, abuse and abandonment of children in the foster care system. Marcy wrote of her experience: “My daughter, Elizabeth, and I served at a five-day camp for 85 foster kids. About 125 volunteers from both of our churches come together each year to bring life and hope to these kids who range in age from six to 11. Elizabeth and her band lead the children in singing camp and worship songs twice a day. I ran the arts and crafts station where the kids get to paint and make jewelry and do other fun activities. We both stayed in cabins with kids and counselors so we had the opportunity to truly love the kids and connect with them.”

How do you remember Marcy?

Please feel free to share with Jamboree and others in the comments a fond memory, something you learned from her, or the difference she made in your life or the lives of those around you. 

Marcy Finamore CFO of the Year nominee
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore at the Cowan office grand opening in Irvine, CA
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore at the Ceres Way grand opening in Fontana, CA
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore with Laura Archuleta and Bank of America staff at Bonterra in Brea, CA
Marcy Finamore with her sister at the Emerald Cove grand opening in Huntington Beach, CA
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore at wine dinner fundraiser
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore with her team at the Collage ribbon cutting in Long Beach, CA
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore with board members at Clark Commons in Buena Park, CA
Marcy Finamore helping children with  arts and crafts
Marcy Finamore and staff members pose with holiday decor
Marcy Finamore with coworkers at the Wesley Village grand opening in Garden Grove
Marcy Finamore, staff, partners and residents at the Collage ribbon cutting in Long Beach
Marcy and staff at Jamboree's 25th anniversary celebration
Marcy Finamore with a coworker at Jamboree's 25th anniversary celebration
Jamboree's Marcy Finamore with two team members

Reflections & Thoughts

Elizabeth T shared:

It’s been eight months since she passed. I am comforted by a line from a poem that reads, “for time does not heal all wounds”. The loss is too great, but finding a new normal is required. The new normal is living a happy life accompanied by deep pain.

I am grateful to Jamboree for providing a place for my mom to flourish professionally. She loved her position at Jamboree, and I believe she felt strongly that it was exactly where she was supposed to be. All those who have written comments here were dear to her. One of her favorite quotes was from Mother Theresa: do small things with great love.

I am surprised, humbled, and moved by those who mentioned me by name in your comments. It seems that my mother’s love is unfathomable – that I made her proud not only by my achievements, but simply by being me. I hope to follow in her footsteps and be the person she believes me to be.

Eden Powell shared:

As a new employee to Jamboree who started in the middle of shelter-in-place, I didn’t get the chance to meet Marcy or get to know her. Clearly, this is unfortunate for me. Over the past few weeks, I have heard about the many ways Marcy has impacted and influenced everyone’s career and personal life. Although I did not get the chance to know Marcy, I feel like there are lessons I’ve learned from her in the way she lived her life and the way she touched people’s lives. For that, I am grateful.

Theresa Bergdahl (Finamore) shared:

My sister, my soul mate and best friend… I’m so proud to have worked with you at Jamboree and see your face every day! It was such a special time for the both of us – being in meetings together, attending events, traveling to conferences. That’s just one snippet of how awesome it was to be your little sis. You were my rock, the person I’d run to in good times and in bad, my voice of reason. My heart is absolutely broken but I’m grasping at the strength that you possessed. As you said to me, and now I say to you… “All my love, always”

Lorraine O'Keefe shared:

What comes to mind when I think of Marcy is an excerpt from this ancient proverb. She “speaks up for the poor and helpless. She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instruction with kindness. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” That’s her legacy… grace and excellence, compassion and integrity… in the workplace, with her family, with all who knew her personally and professionally. Marcy, thanks for the times you spoke grace and encouragement into my life. What a pleasure to both work with you AND to share conversations about life and faith and character! Praying for your family, especially Elizabeth, Theresa, and Betty…

Phillip Matheson shared:

I am truly grateful for knowing Marcy. She always welcomed me with a bright smile. Our discussions always included discussing family, kids and new events in our lives. She always listened and provided me with time and attention. I loved making her laugh and seeing her smile! She had a calmness about her that made me always feel that everything would be ok. I will miss her deeply but our memories will always be with me. She was a great friend and mentor to me and for that I will always be thankful!

Ronak Desai shared:

I first met Marcy in 2009 and over the years she has not ceased to amaze me with her multi-faceted personality. I remember Marcy as a bright, intelligent, warm, compassionate person who always welcomed everyone and had a kind word for them; a very gracious lady with a beautiful smile on her face, soft-spoken, gentle, but a very strong personality nevertheless!! A true professional, who contributed significantly to Jamboree’s growth. In the ten plus years that I have known her, our discussions chiefly focused on work-related subjects. The last time I saw Marcy was at Jamboree’s Holiday Luncheon – she looked happy, contented, at peace with herself; she sat next to me and I was pleasantly surprised when she went on to share so many aspects of her personal life – about her fight with cancer, about how she overcome the bitterness from her divorce, about her daughter Elizabeth’s professional progress and how proud she was of her, about her siblings, about her parents – she said she missed her dad whom she lost a few years back and how she wished she was as strong as her mom. I learned a lot from you dear friend and will always treasure your wisdom and your beautiful smile. Marcy you left us too soon. It’s very difficult to accept that we will not see you again. Thank you for your legacy of love, friendship, empathy and faith for everyone whose life you touched!!

Lois J Jones shared:

A tribute to my friend and hero Marcy: Those special memories of you, will always make me smile, if only I could have you back, for just a little while; then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do; the fact that you’re no longer here, will always cause me pain but God has you in His keeping and I have you, forever in my heart, until we meet again………If she was able to speak today, she would say: keep your faith steady and your vision sharp enough to see the good beyond the bad, the joy beyond the suffering and the healing beyond the wound of the pain. She was the epitome of bravery, commitment, compassion, integrity, wisdom and had a great love for her family; always looking forward to those week-end/holiday trips to Big Bear with her mother…. as well as others!! Always eager to share pictures of family gatherings with great pride. She will truly be missed, but hold on to the precious gift of memories. Love you Marcy!!

Janine McDonald shared:

Marcy was a true Servant Leader. Robert Greenleaf said, “The best test [of a servant-leader], and difficult to administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?” We partnered to provide leadership development opportunities to Jamboree. She was always striving to be the best leader she could be and offer others the same chance. This is part of her legacy. Over the years I got to know her more personally and to meet her daughter Elizabeth. Of all the many things Marcy accomplished in her lifetime, I know being a mother was one of her greatest. The last time I saw Marcy was at Cafe Gratitude, fitting as we often talked about gratitude, she was smiling and joyful and embracing the day. I will carry this memory with me as I honor her life.

Rich Amerian shared:

I first met Marcy in the early 1990’s when she was a CFO for a real estate spinoff from Crocker Bank. A few years later, while working at a property management company, the company hired Marcy as a part time accountant (Elizabeth had started school and Marcy returned to work on a part time basis). Prior to Marcy’s arrival, it was almost impossible for me to get any detailed information on the properties that were in my portfolio. I was so impressed with her abilities, her work ethic, and her dedication that I pestered my bosses to let me hire her as the assistant asset manager for the portfolio. What struck me was that Marcy could accomplish more in half a day, than most folks would accomplish in a full day. An added benefit was if there was no school that day, we would get to see Elizabeth.
As I was on the Jamboree Board at the time and as Jamboree was growing, the company realized that we would need more formal financial controls and financial management. My first thought was Marcy would be perfect for the position.
The main page recounts Marcy’s history at Jamboree. My purpose here is to let you know what I felt her impact has been. I have always had the utmost confidence in Marcy’s decision-making process and as a board member I relied on her recommendations; as proven by her career, that confidence was more than justified. She was forward thinking and was always trying to determine the best course for the organization, a truly selfless leader. She led by example and in doing so established a strong work ethic and a positive environment for all that worked with and for her. It is very easy for those on the financial end of a business to focus solely on the finance side; not Marcy, she was just as committed to the mission of Jamboree as any of the line personal. Additionally, she was instrumental in the formulation and monitoring of the organization’s 5-year business plans which stressed the mission and enterprise sustainability.
To her family, Marcy was a loving and giving sibling, daughter and mother. She will be sorely missed. To those of us who worked with her, she was a valuable colleague, an asset to the organization, and a friend. Her impact was significant, and her absence will leave a void that will never be fully filled.
Marcy, Thank You for all that you gave to all of us.

Margaret Walker Scavo shared:

I had the pleasure to work alongside Marcy and the team at Jamboree for many years providing leadership development training, coaching, team building, etc. Marcy was all about relationships, the importance of them and the work it took to keep them solid. There aren’t enough words for what a beautiful and gifted woman Marcy was. I work with executives all over the US and Marcy was just one of those people that knew how to be a leader… with caring, compassion and just enough grit. We both share the same love and passion for Royal Family Kids and taking foster kids to camp. While we went to different camps, it was always great to share those heartwarming stories with each other. I will miss her greatly. Her warmth, genuineness and her beautiful smile will forever be in my heart. Blessings and love to the entire Jamboree team.

Amanda Hodgin shared:

Marcy was the kind of person who always made you feel welcomed and appreciated. I did not know Marcy as well as I would have liked, but every time I went to our corporate office, she always managed to say hello and ask how I was doing. The one thing that always stood out to me was just how compassionate and empathetic she was; she carried herself with such grace. Marcy was a light to all and she will be greatly missed at Jamboree. My thoughts and prayers go out to Marcy’s family at this time.

Welton Smith shared:

Marcy was the consummate professional. She never lost sight of what Jamboree could be to the world, and most especially, she never lost sight of who she was and what her role should be in helping it to get there. She was one of the strongest, yet most compassionate people that I know, and she personified the brand of kindness that could never ever be mistaken for weakness.

Rest well and in peace, my Friend; you will forever be remembered with warmth, smiles and lots of love by all of us whose lives you touched with your grace.

Larissa Medellin shared:

I didn’t get to know Marcy as well as I would have liked, but I feel very lucky to have been able to observe her leadership and compassion over the last few years. I will always remember Marcy for her big heart, and for always being so thoughtful and kind. When I attended my first Jamboree retreat after only being there about a month, she sat down at a table with me and some other newbies, wanting to talk to us and get to know us. She always made a point to acknowledge and show her appreciation to everyone at Jamboree. I will always be so grateful to her for being the first person to check in on me after I returned to the office after a leave of absence to care for my mom. She has made such a positive impact on everyone at Jamboree, and this is a tremendous loss for us all. Marcy will be so missed.

David Whalley shared:

I consider myself blessed to have known, and worked with, Marcy. Her thoughtfulness, generosity, and grace showed through both professionally and personally. She will certainly be missed and I am thankful that her legacy will continue. Her life’s impact will not only be felt at Jamboree, but will be felt by everyone she interacted with.

Mick Vergura shared:

I was shocked to hear the news of Marcy’s passing. I had the good fortune of working with her helping chair a HPN CFO committee for two years. Through that we became friends and I was always happy to see an e-mail from her or to catch up with a phone conversation. We spoke only a few weeks ago and compared experiences on COVID strategy, PPP loans, etc. It was such a normal exchange, little did I know that would be our last. I’ll miss her, she was such a classy individual. My condolences to her family and friends. Sincerely,
Mick Vergura CFO, Mid-Pen Housing

John Okura shared:

I did not know her as well as some, but as current and past Jamboree team members recalled our interactions with Marcy, the singular word that was repeatedly used to describe her was “grace.” As a believer, I think she would have appreciated that. Oftentimes, grace is spoken of in the context of Christ as an example of unmerited love and mercy. Marcy exhibited biblical grace in her daily life and we all were witness to it. She will be missed, but her grace to those around her lives on and is remembered.

Tom Neary shared:

While I did not know Marcy she was apparently a key contributor to the Jamboree organization and its constituents. I am sorry for your loss and for her family and friends. May you all continue doing good work in her honor.

Shannon Shaffer Peterson shared:

Marcy, I will never forget your trip to Mountain Respite Camp with us, especially accompanying us with your ukulele at campfire. Thank you for your friendship and support, and condolences to everyone who will miss you sorely.

Nina Nguyen shared:

Marcy is a beautiful women with wonderful heart. She is a great leader, an amazing boss, the best mom and a friend that you can count on whenever you need her. I was so blessed to know her and to work with her in the past 17 years. There were so many things that I had learned from her and one thing I will always remember is " Thinks twice in your head, do what your heart feels right and decision on what benefit others not just yourself" . She’s wonderful women, Marcy Finamore, you will forever be in my heart.

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