Jamboree Housing Corporation, affordable housing developer

Vicky Rodriguez, VP of Development, Executive Management Team
Vicky Rodriguez, VP of Development, Executive Management Team

Victoria Rodriguez

Vice President, Development

With a deep conviction for the need to strengthen communities by providing safe, decent housing, Vicky Rodriguez has spent her entire professional career in the field of affordable housing development. She's worked her way up through the ranks at Jamboree, earning respect and expertise as a Senior Project Manager to Director of Policy and then to Senior Director. Known as Vicky Ramirez at that time, she’s overseen the production of 550 units of affordable housing and secured more than $150 million in financing for these developments, a majority of which have received LEED for Homes Gold certifications. In her role as Vice President of Development for Jamboree, Vicky monitors, reviews and responds to proposed state and federal legislation that impacts the affordable housing industry.

Vicky is the in-house expert for one of Jamboree's largest funding sources – tax credits via the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC). She secured one of the very first loans issued by the Strategic Growth Council’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program, which awards competitive grants and loans from the state’s greenhouse gas reduction fund proceeds. Her development of West Gateway Place in West Sacramento was the first property to break ground and to be completed in California with funds from this program.

Vicky’s passion for Jamboree’s mission, strong commitment to hard work, and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of development keeps our work driving forward. Time and again, her collaborative approach alongside partners with competing interests creates shared goals that produce more quality housing for the long-term.

Vicky holds a bachelor’s degree in history and Chicana/o studies as well as a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of California, Los Angeles. As a long-time resident of Anaheim – and a firm believer that all politics are local – she served on the City of Anaheim’s planning commission from 2008 to 2016 and currently serves on the City’s public utilities board.
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