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Image of Karen Hammond with Jamboree Housing Corporation
Image of Karen Hammond with Jamboree Housing Corporation

Karen Hammond

Senior Director, Human Resources



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Karen Hammond joined Jamboree in 2006 to manage the company’s growing human resources needs. Since then, both staff and revenue have more than tripled. Initially, Karen worked part-time managing general HR functions, implementing staff benefits, and creating human resources processes. But as Jamboree’s vision and size grew and expanded, Karen’s role has grown with it.

Currently, Karen works full-time managing the HR staff team and overseeing the board of directors' Personnel Committee and the Jamboree volunteer and intern programs. She helped to onboard Quality Development and Construction, Inc., Jamboree’s construction entity and California licensed general contractor. During her tenure, she’s instituted a 9/80 work schedule, matching 403(b) retirement plans, compensation assessment software, and a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) program. She also manages many staff trainings and events.

Prior to Jamboree, Karen gained significant experience and expertise in HR management as a consultant to many companies of all industries and sizes. In addition to being an independent consultant, she headed the HR Department for FieldCentrix, a software development division, as well as for a division at Deutsche Bank.

Under her leadership, the HR team has implemented a volunteer network and an intern program that expands Jamboree’s nonprofit mission by increasing our ability to provide opportunities and support for residents and the community. Karen feels strongly about creating a supportive environment for Jamboree staff as they carry out Jamboree’s mission. She says, “I feel lucky to love not only the work I do at Jamboree, but to also have a passion for its mission.”

Guiding principle: “Trust is the foundation to build goals – and to exceed them.”

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