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Jamboree is dedicated to raising the bar on affordable housing for both workforce and formerly homeless families, seniors and those living with special needs. In a state with real estate and rent prices out of the reach of many people integral to our communities thriving, Jamboree focuses its expertise on the creation and long-term maintenance of innovative housing communities.

Read articles about Jamboree’s award-winning properties, services and leadership to learn more about how our work positively impacts our resident and communities, resulting in both permanent improvements for neighborhoods and changed lives.

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WNC Funded Reno of San Diego-Area Affordable Asset

November 10, 2017: Multi-Housing News: The firm provided $13.2 million in financing for the renovation of Woodglen Vista Apartments, a 188-unit affordable community in Santee, Calif., that Jamboree Housing Corp. developed...

Marrying Church Land With Affordable And Senior Housing

September 21, 2017: Wesley Village represents a creative use of underutilized land into a multi-use urban campus of quality affordable housing with educational, social and health services, Jamboree’s Mary Jo Goelzer tells

2017 Multifamily Executive Awards

September 20, 2017: Multifamily Executive: 2017 MFE Awards, Affordable (100%), Grand: Rockwood Apartments

Taking a ‘vacation from mental illness’ at mountain camp

August 30, 2017: The Orange County Register: Mountain Respite Camp is intended as both an escape from the challenges of living with a psychiatric disability and an opportunity to bond with people...

Orange County church finds higher purpose for unused land

August 25, 2017: The Orange County Register: “Today we are going to learn how a group of dedicated organizations and individuals re-purposed a parking lot and put up a paradise.”

From Homeless to Hopeful: Affordable Housing Gives Family a New Life

June 6, 2017: TransForm: West Gateway Place gave Kailei something priceless: a stable, safe, affordable place to call home...

5 Ways to Deliver Better Resident Services

June 6, 2017: Affordable Housing Finance: Experts at Jamboree Housing and Rainbow Housing Assistance Corp. share their strategies...

‘A persistent and growing underclass’ in Orange County, report shows

May 14, 2017: The Orange County Register: “Clearly, homelessness, overcrowding, and family financial instability are directly linked to high housing costs,”...

New Buena Park Development Focuses on Community

May 9, 2017: Affordable Housing Finance: In addition to housing, Jamboree’s Clark Commons tackles childhood literacy and obesity...

Nearly 1,500 affordable housing units on the horizon in Santa Ana

April 13, 2017: Nearly 1,500 affordable housing units are in development in Orange County’s second-largest city...

Price tag of homelessness in Orange County is nearly $300 million, UCI study finds

March 8, 2017: Orange County would save $42 million a year in health care, law enforcement and other expenses...

Real Estate briefly: Jamboree Housing's Buena Park project debuts at full capacity

February 12, 2017: The Orange County Register: Irvine-based Jamboree Housing Corp. on Thursday unveiled Clark Commons...