Partners, Donors Renew Heart of a Permanent Supportive Home

Trinity United Presbyterian Church funding helps remodel Fullerton House

Jamboree's permanent supportive housing in Fullerton renovated kitchen.
Along with new construction and acquisition/rehab, Jamboree continues to invest in smaller properties that have a significant impact on unique communities. One of these is Fullerton House, one of Jamboree’s single-family homes that provides permanent supportive housing and services to six residents who live with a mental health diagnosis.

Initially the scope of work was for a kitchen remodel, and Trinity United Presbyterian Church provided $7,000 through their Community Ministries Partner Funding program. Next, Raul Fernandez, our Supportive Housing Operations Manager, brought the asset management group into the process to determine how best to execute the remodel. The asset management team assessed the kitchen and recommended also addressing a sloped dining room floor, which was causing additional problems.

HOPE Builders was selected to perform the remodel. A nonprofit, workforce development program, HOPE Builders empowers disconnected young people through skill training in construction, business careers and life skills development. The remodel began in mid-October and was completed by the end of November. During the renovation, a temporary kitchen for residents was set up in the backyard to prepare meals throughout the five-week renovation process.

In all, Trinity provided approximately $21,000 for the rehab project, along with support from a variety of other donors, including John and Ramona Schneider. The remodel is an example of the alignment among multiple partners toward a common goal.

As Raul Fernandez explained, “Michael Woodhart, our President of Construction for Quality Development and Construction, and Ray Pereda, our Development Manager, made sure the job went well and was done correctly. George Searcy, our VP of Community Impact, and Marcy Finamore, Jamboree’s CFO and Executive VP, committed to complete the project and make sure that funding was secured to complete the remodel. Trinity United Presbyterian Church, along with John and Ramona Schneider and Larry DeCrona, has provided ongoing support. Thanks to all of them all for the important roles they played in making this remodel a reality for the Fullerton House."

Fernandez added, “We all know the kitchen is the most important part of a home. The Fullerton House residents have made so many comments about how amazing they feel to live in house with such a beautiful kitchen. One resident commented, ‘“It is touching to know how much Jamboree cares about their residents. Thanks to all of them for the important roles they played in making this remodel a reality for the Fullerton House.’”

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