Jamboree Housing Corporation, affordable housing developer

Oakview I-IV

18191 Parktree Circle
Huntington Beach, CA   92648
Oakview I-IV
  • Jamboree’s Oakview in Huntington Beach, CA affordable apartment homes
  • Jamboree’s Oakview in Huntington Beach, CA affordable family community

Refurbished Affordable Housing, Huntington Beach, CA

Major acq/rehab preserves low-income housing in Orange County

Acquired in 2007, Oakview is a refurbished affordable community with garden-style family apartment homes in Huntington Beach, CA. The scattered site is part of an overall neighborhood preservation. During the extensive three-year, phased renovation, Jamboree temporarily relocated residents.

Purchased from market-rate owners, Jamboree is committed to keeping these apartment homes affordable long-term for both residents and the community with the assistance of the City of Huntington Beach. It’s an example of an effective partnership with great property management, investors and local government in Orange County.

Community Features
  • Near mass transit
  • Laundry facility
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