810 S. Minnie St, #1
Santa Ana, CA   92701
Jamboree affordable housing community Cornerstone in Santa Ana CA.
  • Jamboree affordable housing community Cornerstone in Santa Ana CA.
  • Jamboree renovated community Cornerstone in Sasnta Ana CA
  • Jamboree affordable family community Cornerstone in Santa Ana CA
  • Jamboree 2020 renovated Cornerstone in Santa Ana CA

Renovated Low-Income Family Housing in OC

Affordable acq/rehab revitalizes neighborhood Santa Ana, CA

One of Jamboree’s first affordable apartment communities in Santa Ana, CA, Cornerstone is located on Minnie Street. Twenty-plus years ago, the neighborhood was completely overrun by gangs and had one of the highest crime rates in the City of Santa Ana – and was one of the poorest and most densely populated areas in all of Southern California.

2001 Rehabilitation

The acquisition and rehabilitation of the scattered site in 2001 was part of the City of Santa Ana’s fifth attempt to turn around this area, raise quality of life for residents and lower crime rates. A concerted effort by police – who created a dedicated substation on the street, the City of Santa Ana, County of Orange, Jamboree, investors and property management has resulted in a revitalization of this previously blighted neighborhood, a dramatic drop in crime and a rise in community involvement, safety and security for residents.

2020 Renovation

Quality Development and Construction, Inc., Jamboree’s in-house licensed general contractor, completed a $6.3 million rehabilitation of Cornerstone in 2020 to maintain the property as a valuable community asset and enhance features for current residents. The renovation improves and updates paths of travel, including American Disability Act (ADA) updates for common areas. Eight units were converted to ADA-accessible apartments.

Exterior renovations included the installation of a car lift to increase parking capacity, adding solar panels to decrease resident energy costs, a seismic retrofit to tuck-under parking, new silicone roofs, new windows, and new paint.

Interior renovations included the conversion of eight units into full American Disability Act (ADA)-compliant units. All apartments feature new cabinets and countertops, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and second-floor apartments have acoustic-dampening flooring.

Positive Community Relations

In recent years, Cornerstone residents have been invited by police to participate in the National Night Out to promote drug-free awareness. Additionally, the Orange County Fire Authority has presented to residents about disaster preparedness, and the County of Orange Health Care Agency presented on a national movement to promote family dinners.

Jamboree’s close work with local government, investors and property management have helped to greatly improve the quality of life for residents by providing safe, secure, high quality housing with services at affordable rental rates in Orange County. Jamboree remains dedicated to maintaining this affordability and quality for the long-term.

Community Features
  • Garage
  • Carports
  • Laundry facility
  • Onsite services
Schools for Cornerstone
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