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Does affordable housing attract crime to the neighborhood?

Does affordable housing attract crime to the neighborhood?

Affordable housing actually helps a community maintain a stable population by making it easier to retain people who already live and work there. There is no evidence that affordable housing brings crime to a neighborhood. In fact, affordable housing, as a tool of economic development, often helps to lower crime rates. That’s what a 2022 study on the effects of affordable housing in Orange County, CA conducted by University of California Irvine’s (UCI) Livable Cities Lab (LCL) revealed. Crime goes down and surrounding property values go up. Read the full study.

A development becomes an asset to a community through careful screening, prudent security measures, and regular maintenance and upkeep. Most affordable housing residents are seeking safe and decent housing that will allow them to live self-sufficient lives in a good community.

The application process for prospective Jamboree residents includes income verification, a credit check, a criminal background investigation, and a tenant interview. Many Jamboree communities participate in local Crime Free Multi-Housing Programs and maintain strong working relationships with local emergency services.

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