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HUNTINGTON BEACH: 18431 Beach Blvd

Jamboree Huntington Beach Seniors Affordable Housing in HB


  • No leasing information is available at this time.
  • Individuals must qualify for this specific housing and will be referred to the property from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Jamboree’s Huntington Beach Seniors (the current working name) at 18431 Beach Blvd will be affordable housing for seniors, some of Huntington Beach’s most vulnerable residents. In partnership with the City of Huntington Beach, the County of Orange, and the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), Jamboree’s joint venture with USA Properties Fund on the new construction project will feature 43 apartments of permanent housing with services for both low-income and formerly homeless seniors.

Meeting housing needs for vulnerable seniors

According to the Office on Aging Orange County Area Plan 2020-2024, the City of Huntington Beach is second on the list of top 10 cities in Orange County with the highest number of older adults age 65+ living in the city. Additionally, the median age of residents in Huntington Beach is older than other cities in the area. Huntington Beach Seniors furthers the city’s strategic goal to meet the need for more senior housing. This is Jamboree’s second senior and third overall development in the City of Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach Seniors also fits the community vision to enhance the economic performance, functionality, and beauty of the Beach and Edinger Corridors. In fact, the development is one of the first projects approved in the updated Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan.

For the City of Huntington Beach, it’s important to approve and move forward with developments like this permanent housing for vulnerable seniors to demonstrate that local control and community input can produce quality, affordable housing while also maintaining compliance with state laws. To learn more about affordable housing, see our frequently asked questions in Affordable Housing 411.

Permanent housing in Huntington Beach

Located near the 5 Points area where Main Street meets Beach Boulevard, the modern beach, Craftsman-style architectural design of Huntington Beach Seniors will integrate with the fabric of the surrounding community. The four-story residential building of one-bedroom apartments will feature 3,800 square feet of community space for onsite property management, supportive and resident services and other amenity space, as well as a 2,300-square-foot outdoor courtyard and small pet park. The design for this innovative development by Jamboree and Architecture Design Collaborative was recognized with the 2022 BIA Southern California Shaping Advancements in Generational Environments (SAGE) Award for Best 55+ Special Needs Community On-the-Boards.

Jamboree and its partners will provide ongoing property management and supportive services to all residents. Construction of the new senior housing community is slated for completion in fall 2023.

Is this property another homeless shelter?

Jamboree’s Huntington Beach Seniors development at 18431 Beach Boulevard is not a shelter. Unlike homeless shelters, residents in Permanent Supportive Housing do not have to leave their apartment every day and return at night nor do they have to move out after a brief stay.

Individuals must qualify for this specific housing and are referred to the property from the Orange County Health Care Agency. Once residents sign an apartment lease, they may remain in their apartment long-term if they follow the community rules. A preference will be given for Huntington Beach residents who qualify – both low-income seniors and those seniors who are coming from homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. There will be no onsite intake center for those experiencing homelessness and no walk-in services will be available.

The supportive housing at Huntington Beach Seniors combines affordable housing with onsite services for seniors with disabilities and a history of homelessness. This type of housing enhances the quality of life for the entire neighborhood by bringing neighbors from homelessness into housing with onsite access to trained professionals who can provide services and support – including case management, life skills education, and opportunities for social connectedness and meaningful activities. The goal is long-term housing stability to keep these seniors active, stable, and thriving in their local neighborhood.

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