Heritage Villas Senior Apartments

 For the past five years, the City of Mission Viejo has partnered with Waste Management to honor those residents who go beyond the duties of basic recycling with The Quarterly Recycling Reward.

Jamboree’s Heritage Villas Senior Apartments was recently honored with this award for recycling more than just the 50% they are required. These dedicated seniors had very little space and not enough containers to sort their recyclables. Borrowing 10 additional containers led Waste Management’s Community Relations Manager, Michelle Clark, to visit Heritage Villas and take a look around.

The Heritage Villas seniors have been mindful of recycling and implemented an aggressive program of storing their recyclables in designated places on the property until they were able to obtain enough carts from Waste Management. This kind of dedication makes a great impact on the community as well as the shrinking land space for waste storage. The largest landfill in Irvine was due to close in 2013 but thanks to the green efforts of most Californians, like our residents at Heritage Villas, the expiration has been extended to 2054.

Keep up the good work!