How Time Travel Can Help Kids Learn

Ways to keep children learning all summer

How Time Travel Can Help Kids Learn

Ways to keep children learning all summer

Jamboree's summer program promotes youth literacy.

While kids love being out of school for the summer, freedom can all too quickly turn into “I’m bored!” But that’s not happening with kids at Jamboree properties across California.

Our six-week summer program “Time Travel,” has launched across 23 properties. And, more than 300 kids and youth ages six to 15 are exploring the past through history, the present through current events, and the future with innovative activities that encourage them to consider what’s to come in our world.

How will kids Time Travel?

Summer Time Travel provides fun activities to keep students active and engaged with field trips and pool days, a focus on STEM learning, and a special emphasis on summer reading to encourage literacy. At Granite Court, kids will leave technology behind and travel back in time to play “Annie Over,” an outdoor ball game popular in the 1920s. They’ll explore the future through creative activities such as brainstorming a brand new invention, sketching it out and building a prototype. Kids at Laurel Crest will study Native American history by making and decorating their own drums and experimenting with a drum circle. 

Why offer a summer learning program for kids?

Jamboree’s vision is that every person will live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. That’s a key reason why our quality affordable housing includes educational services that support mental and emotional learning and help students develop life skills to become successful adults.

These values are expressed as we help kids REACH their potential through:

  • Relationships in a safe, supportive environment,
  • Experiences that are meaningful and relevant,
  • Active and engaged learning,
  • Core skills to discover creative solutions to challenges, and
  • Horizons open to new opportunities in a global world.

Time Travel activities support these values as they promote students’ self-awareness – whether playing games or working in teams – and the ability to identify their feelings, learn empathy, and resolve conflict within themselves and with their peers. 

How else will kids benefit from summer learning?

Jamboree’s summer program also has a special emphasis on literacy and encourages summer reading for all ages. Our thanks to Think Together, Kaiser OC Leadership Development Institute, Urban Land Institute Orange County/Inland Empire Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Anaheim Housing Authority for the nearly 2,000 books donated. They are being put to good use this summer!

Upon finishing a book, students will talk through comprehension of plot points, explore cause and effect, actions and consequences, and sequence of events. They can creatively demonstrate their understanding through artistic interpretations of what they read or create flow charts to document the flow of the unfolding story. In the teen program at Park Landing, 20 students are reading the same Harry Potter book and discussing it together.

Properties have opportunities to win prizes as students reach reading milestones based on consistent participation and the number of books read throughout the summer, plus field trips at the end of summer with other prizes donated by community organizations.

How can I help Jamboree kids succeed?

Share the stories of our students…

Make a donation to reward our students…

  • If you have a local retail business near a Jamboree property, consider donating gift cards, passes, free items, and more as prizes to help us honor these kids and their achievements this summer. For more information, contact Caitlyn Murphy.
  • Give financially to help us reach our goal of $4,000. Every dollar counts!
    • If you’re a local business or corporate partner, a donation of $250 helps underwrite a field trip to places like a local museum, zoo or festival.
    • Each $10 donation will provide one of our reading winners with a gift card for a new book or toy. Every dollar counts so give online today!
  • Jamboree's summer program reading book report template.
  • Children at Jamboree's Rockwood reading donated books
  • Jamboree's summer program reading book report template.
  • Children at Jamboree's Rockwood reading donated books
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