Enhanced Services

The goal of HOMES, Inc. is to provide an enhanced level of services to help residents with special needs lead healthy and happy lives.  

HOMES was founded in 1985 to provide deeply affordable transitional and permanent housing for adults recovering from mental illness.  HOMES offers a housing alternative that provides greater independence and privacy than a licensed Board & Care home, but more structure and support than a resident can achieve living completely alone in an apartment.  Today, HOMES provides supportive independent living to 63 individuals in six houses and two multi-family apartment communities.

As an integral part of Jamboree’s Resident Services Division, HOMES staff is utilizing its expertise to provide an enhanced level of services to residents with a wide variety of special needs.  For example, HOMES operates transitional supportive housing for young adults who have emancipated from the foster care system and provides intensive support to help Jamboree’s senior residents successfully “age in place.”   

The HOMES program is designed to promote resident recovery by enhancing psychiatric stability, creating an emotional support network, and reintegrating client back into society through structured activity. Regular scheduled house meetings are supplemented by “as needed” intervention and plan development, so that each resident receives individualized support appropriate for his or her needs.

There is no on-site staff in the HOMES houses; residents do their own shopping, cooking, medication management, and share the household chores. All residents are expected to participate in structured activities outside the home at least 20 hours each week; these activities could include any combination of volunteer or paid work, school or vocational programs, 12-step groups, treatment appointments, Clubhouse participation, and attending religious services. HOMES also arranges frequent social activities for residents and graduates of the program, including parties or barbecues at the houses as well as events in the community like baseball games, musical theater productions, and an annual Mountain Respite Camp. Residents are encouraged to form supportive relationships within and outside of their houses.