Introducing Quality Design Company, Inc.


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Quality Design Company, Inc. serves as a technical consultant, design expert and construction manager to affordable housing communities developed by Jamboree. By bringing specific design and construction expertise to bear throughout the entire development process, Quality Design Company increases the quality and the efficiency of those communities. A separate 501(c)(3) entity operating as part of Jamboree’s Development Group, Quality Design Company ensures enhanced design and construction standardization across the company’s property portfolio, as well as more cost-effective development solutions and improved sustainability in both its new and renovated properties.

Quality Design Company is staffed with professionals with strong design and construction backgrounds. By consulting with project development staff, Quality Design Company addresses the technical aspects of design and construction from the early stages through completion of the project, as well as assisting in the coordination amongst the various design and construction teams. Jamboree has traditionally engaged third-party construction managers during the development process to augment the technical knowledge of the development staff. With Quality Design Company as a consistent provider that is well-versed in the requirements and specifications unique to Jamboree developments, their expertise leads to a more successful, collaborative effort in both designing and building.

Quality Design Company also offers a range of services beyond the construction management role:

  • Providing yield studies and design concepts during the initial stages of a new development
  • Submittals for requests for proposals or other bids that require design submittals
  • Providing consulting services for existing assets, ranging from ongoing maintenance issues to capital improvement projects